The current state of your skin does not measure

your worth or your beauty

The Current State of your skin does not measure

your worth or your beauty


We appreciate that investing time, money and energy into solving a problem takes courage and trust and it can be frustrating if don’t receive the outcome that was promised. At Bare Generation, it’s important to us to stand behind our promise and deliver best-in-class solutions which is why we offer a money back guarantee on our programs. See our terms and conditions to learn more about this.

We believe so deeply in what we have created, and our results speak for themselves, so we know you won’t be disappointed! A little reassurance never goes astray, right?

Bare Generation was created by real people, for real people. Natalie and her team have personal first-hand experience when it comes to experiencing acne and breakouts. They have all lived through it, they understand the pain, the frustration and debilitating impact it can have on the way you live. 

This intimate experience is what inspired them to create this platform, however it was meeting other sufferers that motivated them to really elevate this message and create a space for people to connect with a like-minded community, share stories and seek support. It’s really just a place you can belong, where you are listened to, understood and not judged.

A passionate team of people that operate with kindness and empathy but who also bring the expertise and solution-focused thinking. Today, they offer a safe and nurturing space for thousands of acne sufferers, paving the way to a lifetime of clearer, calmer, and thriving complexions.


Combining their proven knowledge, tools and holistic approach to treatment, Bare Generation was born on a mission to farewell the impact of this debilitating condition and kickstart a brand-new generation of skin positivity – the bare generation


So, what makes Bare Generation different?

Bare Generation is…


We harness decades of expertise in treating and caring for acne sufferers. We leverage our intelligence to make results fast, easy, and safe.


There’s nothing we love more than conversation and connection. We like to have fun, keep it real and make achieving amazing results enjoyable!


Clearing your skin is why we wake up each morning. We’re wholeheartedly invested in the process and remain devoted to our mission, results, and clients.


We treat with heart, kindness, and care. We meet you at every stage of your journey with commitment and our down-to-earth energy.

The Passion Behind The Purpose

Hello, I’m Nat and I am the creator of Bare Gen. For as long as I can remember the skin has always intrigued me, the different conditions that affect it and its amazing ability to heal ….being an awkward teen with acne may be responsible for igniting this, combined with my nerdy burning desire to always solve problems! Who knows where it started but it is now my lifelong purpose and deepest passion.


As an expert skin therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience, I am pretty sure I can safely say that I have seen it all! Through my own experience and those of my clients it has been an exciting journey that has stretched me to learn, think outside of the box and really challenge myself and my team to continue exploring and growing together.


When I think back to my teenage years, I remember all to well what a confusing and self-conscious time it was. The sense of helplessness that washed over me was debilitating not to mention the negative impact on my self-esteem and the way I lived my life. Looking back, I am now grateful for this experience as it allows me such a deep level of empathy with my clients. I know first-hand that overcoming a skin condition isn’t just face value, it’s a total shift in confidence, mindset, and empowerment.


Conditions, like acne, are complex. They have so many contributing factors that are often overlooked or undervalued. We need to treat the cause of the condition, rather than the condition itself and that takes knowledge, consultation, and guidance. This is why I created Bare Generation!

With tried, tested and proven skin clearing methods on your team, Bare Generation gives you all the information and resources you need to make a serious difference to your skin.


Thank you for trusting us with your skin.


Our Results are really

changing lives

Our Results are really

changing lives