A new era in

skin confidence

A new era in

skin confidence

Designed by award-winning skin therapist Natalie Arakelian, Bare Generation is a movement to welcome a new era in skin confidence.

Celebrating a holistic approach to skin health, Bare Generation aligns the industry’s very best to bring you skin health education like never before. Pairing foundational knowledge of skin conditions, skincare insights, nutritionist-designed meal plans, mindfulness, gratitude exercises and in-clinic skin consultation experiences, Bare Generation is the missing link to living a life of total and utter skin positivity.

Bare Generation was created by people who actually get it and we don’t just mean their qualifications! Natalie and her team have experienced, first-hand, the impact of acne and have tried and tested every trick in the book. They know the feeling of stepping outside with unwanted breakouts, the frustrations of failed skin-clearing attempts and underdelivered treatments. They also know the feeling of triumph and pride when overcoming acne for good.

Today, they are a safe and nurturing space for thousands of acne sufferers, paving the way to a  lifetime of clearer, calmer, and thriving complexions.
Combining their proven knowledge, tools and holistic approach to treatment, Bare Generation was born on a mission to farewell the impact of this debilitating condition and kickstart a brand-new generation of skin positivity – a bare generation.

Now, we get it. You’ve been promised all the skin clearing tactics in the book by this point. Everyone you seek help from gives you different answers or solutions that may work for a period or not at all.

So, what makes Bare Generation different?

Bare Generation is…


We harness decades of expertise in treating and caring for acne sufferers. We leverage our intelligence to make results fast, easy, and safe.


There’s nothing we love more than conversation and connection. We like to have fun, keep it real and make achieving amazing results enjoyable!


Clearing your skin is why we wake up each morning. We’re wholeheartedly invested in the process and remain devoted to our mission, results, and clients.


We treat with heart, kindness, and care. We meet you at every stage of your journey with commitment and our down-to-earth energy.

A note from the founder

Hello, my name is Natalie! I’m the Founding Director of Bare Generation. If you’ve found yourself here, congratulations – you’re taking a positive step in transforming your skin.

As a skin therapist with 20 years of experience, I’ve seen it all. Not just through clients in my clinic, Euphoria Skin, but in my own personal life. Experiencing acne as a teenager was a confusing and self-conscious time in my life.

I remember how it felt and the sense of helplessness that washed over me. Now treating clients experiencing those exact same feelings, I know that overcoming a skin condition isn’t just face value, it’s a total shift in confidence, mindset, and empowerment.

Conditions, like acne, are complex. They have so many contributing factors that are often overlooked or undervalued.

We need to treat the cause of the condition, rather than the condition itself and that takes knowledge, consultation, and guidance. This is where we step in.

With tried, tested and proven skin clearing methods on your team, Bare Generation gives you all the information and resources you need to make a serious difference to your skin. 


Thank you for trusting us with your skin.


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